Here are our two tools made in Emodou for you, young parents, grandparents, or early childhood professionals:

Emotions management :

A box with 4 teddies and 1 illustrated book containing the 4 “basic” emotions (joy, anger, sadness and fear), to support the child in understanding and managing his emotions.
-The 4 teddies are differentiated by their color…

Accompany a separation:

A box with 3 teddies and 1 illustrated book which reproduces a moment of “sharing” on the part of  the child, from Papa’s to Mum’s.The neutral teddy represents the child, the second one is the Mum teddy, the third…

Psychologist testimony

Morgane Libert psychologist in the field of vulnerable children 

Although divorce has almost become a social norm, it does not change the fact that for children it remains a hardship to overcome and go through. Parental separation, whether sudden or following years of conflict, always marks a crisis, an emotional imbalance. With his Mum / Dad teddy, the child is allowed to bring his both parents inside him. Thanks to this unique experience, he will be able to maintain his feeling of unity, and will be able to feel himself in the two parental homes. In my opinion, this divorce teddy will be useful for the child in his personal but also in his emotional development. The child will find a landmark in this divorce teddy, an intermediate family cocoon. It will help the child to be able to find himself and above all to freely express his emotions.

Catherine Kurts clinical psychologist specialised in children

What is called transitional object in psychology, or more commonly “the teddy” has a very important function in the psychological development of the child. It symbolically allows him to make the transition between himself and his external environment and gradually learn to differentiate the two. Likewise, he represents the continuity of the emotional and reassuring bond with his parents in their absence. Thus, it allows him to calm the emotions that he may feel in various situations. Therefore, it’s essential for the child to be able to be accompanied by his teddy in his various places of life.

Joyce and Pierre have developed their EMODOU project being aware of the importance of all these relevant functions of the “doudou/teddy” in the psychological development and the emotional well-being of the child.

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